Let’s be Kind for Children

Quality Life for Poor Childrens.

You Can Satisfied Yourself By Helping.


Poor Childrens Needs Your Help.

You Can Satisfied Yourself By Helping.


Education is one of the most basic needs of our society.

You Can Satisfied Yourself By Helping.

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Clean Water

With more than a thousand children under age of 5 dying every day from diarrhea which is as a result of polluted water, poor sanitation, as well as improper hygiene, our goal as Aids4poor is to provide the world with clean water.

Healthy Food

The world is gradually realizing that everyone deserves a healthy meal, even the poor ones among us. Aids4poor is a charity organization that hopes to create a wide-enough channel for people facing hunger to have a chance at life with a proper meal.

Pure Education

A wise man once said: “the best form of weapon to give the youth is quality education. Every community deserves a quality educational system. Also, every child deserves a strong educational foundation.

Medical Facilities

With the incredible advancement of science and technology, we are heading towards a busy world with no time to relax. We have to keep every muscle of our body active to cope up with this busy schedule. Like every machinery part, our body also deserves some rest.

What We Do?

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

In the rapidly advancing world, we are approaching to progress day by day. From the beginning of the day, we chase money and prosperity. Still, we are not happy with what we have. We need more and more. We often forget to think about the unfortunate people who have absolutely nothing. No proper food, deprived of the light of education, no warm clothes to wear. Aren’t we happier than them? I think yes. Instead of leaving their fate on almighty God we must do something. It will be a great pleasure if we share some of our happiness among needy people. If each one of us thinks like this the world will be a better one. Many of us often think to help them but can’t do the same due to lack of encouragement or proper platform.

Lets Chenge The World With Humanity

Become A Volunteer

You Can Help The Poor With Us

We are a Non-Government Organization (NGO) working whole-heartedly for the welfare of poor children and their families on a part-time basis. There are a lot of volunteers working in our organization for providing social service. For the holy purpose, we require a lot of funds. We collect money at the online platform to strengthen our organization. If you want to be a part of this mission, you are always welcome.