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Help Poor Families in Covid-19

You might say that this doesn\'t rank amongst the top ten pandemics that we humans have experienced, but there is no gainsaying the fact that this is the biggest global health crisis to have in our lifetime. Families and, of course, children\'s lives are greatly affected by this pandemic. Everywhere you look, people are shaken, and this is the main reason why we need to take action today. We at Aids 4 Poor understand the fact that we need to act immediately to help children before things get out of hands.

We\'ve launched a monetary appeal one of the biggest out there designed to help/protect families and children in the world\'s most deprived regions from the devastating effects of this virus (Covid-19). It\'s only by joining hands would we be able to help families get through the thick of things, and that is why we need to act now.

The Impact on Families (and children).

The virus is already having an unexplainable affect on children and depriving families of a happy home. Health systems across the world and their ability to treat and provide stable health are tested rigorously. Family and the economy are slowly driving towards recession. Many face the prospect of poverty as there are currently no economic activities coupled with the fact that

Failure to contain this crisis now will be detrimental to our existence as humans, as there is currently no known cure for this virus.

What we need to do.

What\'s our responsibility as an organization? All over the world, Aids 4 Poor is responding to the crisis. We are adapting existing preservative measures of why trying to offer relief to poor families who are in dire need of food and shelter.

Please donate to our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal and help us curb this devastating blow that has greatly affected the lives of children and turned happy homes to a vacuum filled with fear and hopelessness.

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