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Corona Virus Pendamic

As the virus continues to spread globally, people living in crisis will be affected the most. Aids 4 Poor is currently scaling up its response to the current pandemic, providing lifesaving programs to vulnerable communities in many countries, including countries in Africa.

Crisis Zones – Aids 4 Poor Report.

Most countries currently in crisis such as Yemen, South Sudan, and Syria face a “double emergency” as COVID-19’s health effects and the escalations in the political, conflict, and economic instability triggered by the pandemic.

The scale and severity of the pandemic will be enhanced in many volatile countries – this is according to the IRC president and CEO David Miliband. He believes that the double crisis requires a dual response.

What you need to know.

As the world continues to struggle with the current pandemic, there are certain things you need to know about the Coronavirus.

-         What it is.

Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19 is a virus that’s known as to cause flu-like illnesses in humans. It also spreads from one person to another. The virus was first discovered in December 2019 in a seafood market located in Wuhan, China. It is in the same virus family as MERS and SARS.

-         People who are most at risk

Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate and can affect everyone if proper preventive measures aren’t taken. But just as we’ve mentioned earlier, people living in conflict zones will be affected—countries such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

What’s Aids 4 Poor doing about it?

 Aids 4 poor has launched a systemic response and some countermeasures to curb the crisis the best way we can. Our goal is to reach the most vulnerable people where we are based.

How can you help?

Aids 4 Poor needs funding and support for an effective scaled-up response. No doubt, our teams are doing excellent jobs, but they can always do one better. That is why we need your help. You can start by reaching different families in places that are affected by this pandemic.  

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