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Shock Facts About Global Poverty

Welcome to Aids 4 Poor, we are a global movement driven to make positive changes globally. Here are some shocking facts about poverty. We\'ve also added the sources of these facts at the bottom of this current page. Once you\'ve gone through these facts, learn from it. Aids 4 Poor also implore you to do something (You can start by making donations via our platform there are kids out there who in need of help).

1.       Did you know that over 800 million people globally do not have enough food to eat? That is why the importance of food banks can never be overemphasized. With the aid of food banks, there will be enough provision of food for people that are unable to fend for themselves.

2.       At least 700 million people around the world lack adequate access to clean and drinkable water. Asa result of that, different infections are triggered, and more often than not, we experience different pandemic in these regions. Poor sanitation, hand hygiene as well as unclean water, are responsible for the death of over 840 000 people every year globally. That\'s approximately 2300 people daily this is terrible.

3.       Back in 2011, at least 165 million children under the age of 5 were stunted as a result of chronic malnutrition.

4.       According to the World Food Programme, \"The poor are hungry, and their hunger traps them in poverty.\" One of the primary causes of death in the world today is hunger. It\'s more deadly than some viral diseases we have out there today.


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